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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Banquet Table for Your Party

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Banquet Table for Your Party

Choosing the right banquet table is essential for a successful party, and there are many factors to consider when selecting the best table for your event. With thoughtful planning, you can pick the perfect banquet table to meet your needs for any type of party.

Banquet Table Types

Banquet tables are large, versatile tables that can be used for many tasks at a party, from dining to serving to display. Round and rectangular tables are the most common shapes, but banquet tables also come in square and curved crescent styles, and multiple tables can be arranged together to form different shapes to serve different functions. The seating capacity of banquet tables varies based on their dimensions as well as the place setting style and how decorations may be arranged. These tables are often foldable, and are easy to move to different locations, rearrange quickly for different activities, or store after the party.

Choosing a Banquet Table

Every party has its own unique vibe, with different guests, activities, and needs. Careful consideration of different factors can help you choose the best banquet table for any party. When planning your party and choosing tables, consider…

  • Venue Space – The overall size of the party venue will help determine how many tables are necessary. A larger venue can easily accommodate larger, bolder tables, while a smaller, more intimate venue may look best with smaller tables and conversational arrangements.

  • Guest List – The number of guests invited to your party will determine how much seating is needed. Rectangular tables can maximize seating capacity in minimal space, but be sure to include extra seats in case of unexpected guests or last-minute seating changes.

  • Seating Charts – Consider the seating charts for your event when choosing tables. Guest personalities and compatibility, ages, and accessibility needs should all be part of table selection to be sure you choose banquet tables to accommodate everyone comfortably.

  • Table Configuration – How you prefer to arrange tables will determine which tables are best for your party. If you plan on joining tables together in longer rows, U-shapes, or serpentine styles, choose table shapes that can be easily adjusted.

  • Activities – Different events throughout the party should be considered when choosing tables. If there will be speeches or speakers, for example, guests should be able to see the head table from wherever they are seated and longer rectangular tables may be the best choice. If tables will need to be moved for different activities, such as to clear a dance floor, smaller tables may be necessary so they are easier to move.

  • Decorations – Tables and table decorations need to work well together. If you prefer larger, dramatic centerpieces, round tables may be the best choice to showcase those decorations. Rectangular tables, however, look best with more oblong arrangements that suit the surface.

Tips for Renting Banquet Tables for Your Party

No matter what type of party you are planning, there are many options for suitable banquet tables. When renting tables…

  • Consider mixing table shapes to suit different needs or activities if necessary.
  • Use a digital planner to create the table and seating layout of the space if available.
  • Add specialized tables if needed, such for gifts, desserts, a guestbook, buffet serving, etc.
  • Ask about delivery and setup arrangements to ensure plenty of time and assistance.
  • Arrange for help during the party if tables will need to be moved or rearranged.
  • Choose table linens carefully for the table size and shape to be sure they look elegant.
  • Choose chairs that match the table height for comfortable seating.

Banquet tables are critical for any party, and it is important to consider both practical and decorative aspects of tables and their arrangements when planning your party. With good planning, you can easily select the best banquet tables for any event.