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Operating the Classen Compact Aerator

See how to start, operate and transport the Classen Compact Aerator. Aerating a lawn improves water uptake, reduces runoff, and helps build stronger roots.

Bobcat Landscape Rake

The Bobcat® landscape rake is the perfect finishing tool. It rakes and collects surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil. It picks up 3/4-inch and larger rocks as well as most 1/2-inch rocks. Operators can use the attachment's adjustable side skis to control depth.


Landscape Bed Edger, bed definer for creating beautifully shaped flower / landscape beds that retain mulch better.  Optional blades include a trenching rotor, and paver rotors.

Gold Medal Breeze Cotton Candy Machine 3030-00-000

The Breeze cotton candy machine has a durable tubular heating element with stainless steel band and 1/10 horsepower motor for increased cotton candy production.
The Gold Medal Breeze 3030-00-000 cotton candy machine comes with the new style Lock-N-Go handles, redesigned and improved bell housing sugar seal, bowl positioning brackets, flip down front door for easy serviceability and an IEC power connector for easy cord replacement.

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Skid Steer Rentals

Skid Steer Rentals

Skid steer loaders are among the most versatile machines a man can use when trying to complete a variety of work projects such as construction, excavation, and even agriculture. They are smaller than most heavy machines, but pack a lot of power to help you get your job done. If you didn’t know...