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Landscape Bed Edger, bed definer for creating beautifully shaped flower / landscape beds that retain mulch better.  Optional blades include a trenching rotor, and paver rotors.

Gold Medal Breeze Cotton Candy Machine 3030-00-000

The Breeze cotton candy machine has a durable tubular heating element with stainless steel band and 1/10 horsepower motor for increased cotton candy production.
The Gold Medal Breeze 3030-00-000 cotton candy machine comes with the new style Lock-N-Go handles, redesigned and improved bell housing sugar seal, bowl positioning brackets, flip down front door for easy serviceability and an IEC power connector for easy cord replacement.

Operating the Classen Compact Aerator

See how to start, operate and transport the Classen Compact Aerator. Aerating a lawn improves water uptake, reduces runoff, and helps build stronger roots.

Bobcat Landscape Rake

The Bobcat® landscape rake is the perfect finishing tool. It rakes and collects surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil. It picks up 3/4-inch and larger rocks as well as most 1/2-inch rocks. Operators can use the attachment's adjustable side skis to control depth.

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