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Renting A Dunk Tank

Renting A Dunk Tank

Most people have likely seen dunk tanks when going to a fair or charity event. If not, a dunk tank is a set-up where someone sits in a collapsible chair directly above a tank of water. Attached to the chair is a release that is activated when a thrown baseball hits a target near the tank. The difficulty can be altered by moving people closer or further away from the target.

Dunk tanks are great for a lot of different events and have the potential to raise a lot of money. If you rented one for a corporate event for instance, imagine how much money you could get if you put the boss in the dunk tank. Obviously it’s just for fun but you could probably get people to line up, look and laugh.

Dunk tanks are most effective for fund raising when the person in the tank is someone that the paying customers know. If that’s not feasible, there are still other ways to get people engaged in trying to get the person wet. Funny, harmless insults from the “dunkee” like calling a person “noodle arm” can help get under their skin a little bit. This usually results in them paying more money to make sure they knock the person down if they miss on their initial attempts.
If you feel like this is a good idea, look to your local rental company to see what kind of prices they can provide you. If you think it’ll be a hit with the participants, renting a dunk tank could be a great option for you.